Preliminary Autism Research

While much research has been done by a wide variety of institutions, autism treatment and understanding is still in its early stages. Only a few years ago, autism was thought to be caused primarily due to genetic reasons, today it is understood that genetics play the lesser role and that autism is largely attributable to environmental reasons.  More information on the latest autism research and conclusions can be found here.

Our own research program

Biothermal imaging of autistic individuals frequently indicate elevated temperatures of vital organs.

Shown here is a typical before and after results of Double Helix Water administered to an Autistic patient. Infrared imaging is used to detect and show the changes caused by Double Helix Water.

Autism before and after

Before and after thermal images of an autistic patient.

White is the hottest followed by red, then orange and yellow. Each of these hotter areas, potentially indicate an area of inflammation.

The images above represent a side by side before and after the administration of Double Helix Water, with a time span of only 20 minutes.

As can be seen there is a notable change in the general body temperature. Continued use of Double Helix Water over time has shown the stabilization of this effect.

Along with this stabilization, improvement of the subjects autistic symptoms have been reported.

Medical Tests

Other studies show similar results. They indicate improvements in the various biological systems after the patient has been administered Double Helix Water for some length of time.

Double Helix Water, therefore deserve much closer scrutiny in the exploration of a resolution to autism. Initial studies show a larger incidence of change and improvement than any product currently available in the treatment of autism.

Realizing the common thread between the medical conditions and broad range of symptoms woven through autism, D & Y Laboratories initiated an investigation of Double Helix Water and its effect on autism several years ago.

Thermal signature autistic boy, before and after use of Double Helix Water

Thermal signature autistic boy, before and after use of Double Helix Water

The results were both promising and startling, as can be seen in the thermal images to the right, which represents only 20 minutes of difference in time. When autistic children were examined through biothermal imaging far higher temperatures than normal were detected in locations of vital bodily systems. The treatment, which consisted of administering Double Helix Water, showed impressive changes in the large majority of cases.

Autism Case Studies – Young Boy

Below are the before and after images of a 2.5 year old boy who had severe health and behavior issues. Since birth he required suppositories to excrete. He showed little interest in food, seemed addicted to milk and was in the 25th percentile of height and weight in comparison with other children his age.

young boy autism

Stable improvements measured over 6 weeks

He had problems sleeping, exhibited excessive crying and, had a fear of swings, slides and baby rides. – The top row of images are from his first visit. The second row images taken 6 weeks after taking Double Helix Water daily.

Results after 6 weeks of Double Helix Water treatment

happy boy

The child continues to thrive

The child no longer needed a suppository to excrete, exhibited less crying and tantrums, and had greatly improved social contact with his grandparents and others, among other dramatic changes.

The child continued the Double Helix Water program. Now four years old, his health continues to improve, and he has advanced in his reading, math, physical, social and communication skills.

He is now in the 50th percentile of children his age in height and weight, and continues to thrive. It is quite possible that early intervention stopped what may have become a steady decline in health and social skills.

Autism Case Studies – Twin Teenagers

fraternal twins

Fraternal twins on Double Helix Water Autism Program

Fraternal twin boys now age 17. One was profoundly autistic and the other diagnosed as severely autistic. Their parents tried everything including: doctors, behavior interventionists, HBOT treatments, nutritionists, neurologists, neuroSPECT scans, EEGs, psychiatrists, drugs, etc. Untold sums of money and effort was spent that wiped their parents out financially. Nothing helped.

When they reached puberty it only got worse. The parents found out about one of our early Double Helix Water Autism studies and enrolled the twins.

By the 4th & 5th months there was significant change: Increase in speech, awareness and cognition, better eye contact, increased sleep, significantly reduced anger and aggression. Their teachers reported significant improvement in academics and communication in both twins.

One of them advanced five academic years in one year.

Long term improvement

imprvovement graphs

Long term change measured while on Double Helix Water program

1. Digestive systems, eating and drinking
2. Bowel movement, urine
3. Body movement, repititions, OCD
4. Sleeping and waking
5. Communication of needs, following directions
6. Language
7. Nonverbal: eye-contact, facial expressions, ticks,
8. Social skills, social interactions per relationship
9. Attention span or focus
10. Ability to attend to academic studies

Other Studies

• Pasadena, California, USA – The first pilot study done in 2010 with 11 autistic children for a 3 month period. All of them made some improvement. 70% had significant improvement.

• Panama City, Panama – Dr. Richard Velasquez tested 13 autistic children and consulted close family members. The first study ended at the end of 2012 with improvement in every subject partaking in the study. More studies continuing.

• Nanjing, China – D&Y Laboratories worked with the director of a medical clinic there. This study started in November of 2012 and is still continuing with 70% improvement with the average autistic child.

• Schenzhen, China – Duplicate study as the one in Nanjing with similar results.

A more in depth explanation for professionals and scientists on the possible mechanisms at work here are available in a white paper on brain injury which can be downloaded here: Brain Injury White Paper

More research is warranted, as by no means is the subject of autism resolved or concluded.


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