Sports recovery and Pro Performance

girl-runningHave you experienced aching joints, sore muscles, a stiff back and limbs or other sports related issues?  Or are you currently trying to recover from:

Tendonitis: Inflammation of the tendon connecting muscle to bone.
Strain: Over-stretch/over-use of a muscle.
Sprain: Over-stretching a ligament connecting two bones.
Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursa sack which serves as padding between a muscle and bone.
Avulsion: Complete tearing of a muscle. Typically along the junction between the muscle and its tendon.
Contusion: Bruising caused by impact.
Fracture: Breakage of a bone. Can be complete, partial, or from compression.

If you are affected by any of the above conditions you may want to try Double Helix Water or Full Spectrum Skin cream in order to boost recovery times.


While the initial inflammation in any injury is a sign and function of the healing process starting up, prolonged inflammation results in scar tissue in the affected area.  Prolonged inflammation of injured areas can become one of the major barriers to speedy recovery.    It is important to treat inflammation of injured parts as soon as possible.  Nutrients need to flow to the cells in the affected area, and cells must regenerate and clean out waste and dead tissue as a result of the injury.

Our Full Spectrum Skin Cream is packed with Double Helix Water and is formulated specifically to support delivery of Double Helix Water to injured body parts without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals.

Due to this unique and natural formulation nutritional elements destined for the injured area aren’t damaged and the cellular healing process isn’t disrupted.   Doctors report an  improvement in recovery times in some patients when using Full Spectrum Skin cream.

Our unique ingredient is also available in concentrated format for internal use and is sold as Double Helix Water.  Athletes tend to use both for increased performance during heavy workout and reduced recovery times after extensive physical exertion.

What athletes and trainers say

Olympic Runner, Jen Rhines

Jen Rhines, 3 time US Olympian

“Taking the double helix water has been a part of my daily routine for the past six months. After recovering from an injury that forced me out of the 2012 US Olympic Trials I’m back in top form.  As I’ve worked back into shape over the past months I’ve been feeling great and recovering from hard training as quickly as I was 10 years ago. As a 38 year old professional runner I’m routinely competing against athletes 10 to 15 years my junior so it’s great to feel youthful and competitive again!” –Jen Rhines



Olympic Runner

Anna Pierce, US Olympian and National Champion

“My body has always been sensitive to water quality. For instance I have trouble absorbing enough water to stay hydrated when drinking carbonated water. With the Double Helix water, I find I can maintain a high level of hydration, even while training at dry climates (Mammoth Lakes, San Diego, and summer in Tuscany).

Part way through the summer I began a new regiment with the Double Helix drops, as well as using the Double Helix sports cream. During a period of 2.5 months I took 15-20 before AND after training, as well as before bed (up to 5x per day, totaling up to 100 drops in a day).

During this time I noticed an immediate positive change in performance, as well as how my body felt during training. I believe my recovery was shorter and I kept a very good level of hydration despite the hot temperatures and heavy training load.” – Anna Pierce


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